Mom & Dad's Mobile Doctors Services


Dr. Livi and Mom & Dad's Mobile Doctors function as a mobile medical office. The same services you would have received at a traditional doctor's office is now available in the comfort of your own home, group home, or community.


This way, your provider will have enough time to listen to your concerns, treat you appropriately, and educate you about your condition and treatment plan. We strongly believe in a practice model that focuses on patient care and high quality service.

Geriatric Care

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments

Dementia/ Alzheimer's Care

End of Life Care Planning/ Hospice Care Coordination

Mental and Behavioral Healthcare

Primary Care

Preventative Check-Ups

Preventive care may include check-ups, screenings and immunizations.

Priority Care

This includes timely access to both mobile doctor providers and office staff by patients, families, and communities/caregivers

Medical Management

Home health care for acute and chronic diseases.

Minor Medical Procedures

Skin tag/lesion removals, skin biopsies, ear wax lavage/cleaning, suture/staple removal, and other minor procedures.

Coordination With Networks

Electronic Prescriptions Sent to Pharmacy

Coordinated Care With Your Existing Specialists

Access to Extensive Network of Specialists

Post-Discharge Visits

Coordination of Hospital Admissions

Home Health Care / Durable Medical Equipment

Skilled Nursing, Wound Care, Speech Therapy, Physical & Occupational Therapy referral and comprehensive home health care coordination.

Mobile Diagnostic Imaging


Electrocardiogram (EKG)


Phlebotomy and Lab Testing